capture definition
crimeware definition
password synchronization definition
RFID virus definition
mobile authentication definition
ROT-13 definition
pass the hash attack definition
Encrypting File System (EFS) definition
Escrowed Encryption Standard (EES) definition
DNS rebinding attack definition
Web filter definition
vulnerability disclosure definition
attack vector definition
Tilded platform definition
screened subnet (triple-homed firewall) definition
Bugbear definition
TrueCrypt definition
endpoint fingerprinting definition
cyberwarfare definition
PCI DSS 12 requirements definition
Quiz: Who Done IT? A Murder Mystery definition
Quiz: Authentication Methods definition
Quiz: Malware definition
spear phishing definition
Klez definition
cocooning definition
5 terms you need to know before you employ VoIP definition
grid authentication definition
greynet (or graynet) definition
gray hat (or grey hat) definition
RavMonE virus (W32/Rjump) definition
cracker definition
Information Awareness Office (IAO) definition
identity access management (IAM) system definition
digital signature definition
stealth virus definition
stealth definition
four-factor authentication (4FA) definition
universal authentication definition
asymmetric cryptography (public-key cryptography) definition
application whitelisting definition
application blacklisting definition
antimalware (anti-malware) definition
Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) definition
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) definition
role mining definition
active RFID (active radio frequency identification) definition
HIDS/NIDS (host intrusion detection systems and network intrusion detection systems) definition
authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) definition
multifactor token definition
certificate authority (CA) definition
identity governance definition
incident response plan (IRP) definition
incident response definition
directory traversal definition
backscatter body scanning definition
Class C2 definition
counterfeit detector pen definition
OpenAppID definition
Open System Authentication (OSA) definition
dumpster diving definition
shared secret definition
drive-by pharming definition
DomainKeys definition
domain fluxing definition
back door definition
keystroke dynamics definition
inline network device definition
Digital Signature Standard (DSS) definition
digest authentication definition
Melissa virus definition
SnortSnarf definition
bypass definition
quantum cryptography definition
Oracle Critical Patch Update (Oracle CPU) definition
Honeynet Project definition
single-factor authentication (SFA) definition
cardholder data environment (CDE) definition
Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) definition
masquerade definition
hybrid virus/worm definition
hybrid virus (multi-part or multipartite virus) definition
Faraday cage definition
Rescator definition
payload definition
Fortezza definition
nonrepudiation definition
exploit definition
Rijndael definition
social engineering definition
output feedback (OFB) definition
user authentication definition
browser hijacker (hijackware) definition
hijacking definition
Transport Layer Security (TLS) definition
steganography definition
logic bomb (slag code) definition
Joe job definition
footprinting definition
white hat definition

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